The professionals of Catlab, as experts in guiding and evaluating the diagnostic tests in their areas, participate actively in the development of the practical clinical guidelines for the healthcare processes, forming part of the the following Clinical Commissions:

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- Monitoring Commission for the Control of Hospital Acquired Infections
- Lymph Node Commission
- Infection Commission of Orthopedic Surgery
- Hospital Infection Commission
- Research Committee of the HUMT
-Autologous transplant of peripheral blood (TASP) Committee
- Program for the Control of Tuberculosis
- Patient's safety Commission
- Lymphoma

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- Hospital Blood transfusion Committee
- Infection Committee

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- Antibiotics Commission
- Monitoring Commission for the Control of Hospital Acquired Infections
- Hospital Infection Commission
- Committee for the Adequacy of Demand-
-Transfusion Committee
- Program for the Control of Tuberculosis

- Commission for the implementation of the Law of Data Protection (L.O.P.D.)
- Commission for Primary Care Followup
- Quality Committee for Certification and Accreditation
- Incident Group
- Information Technology Integration Group
- Haematology Group

Catlab, through its various faculty members, participates in the following Work Groups and Scientific Committees:

  • Commission for the Accreditation of Laboratories of the SEQC (Spanish Society of Clinical Chemistry).
  • Biochemistry Commission for immunologic illnesses of the SEQC.
  • Commissionfor the Clinical Laboratory Management of the SEQC.
  • Commission for Biological Procedures related with Medical emergencies of the SEQC.
  • Commission for Extra Analytic Quality of the SEQC.
  • Committee for the study of Vertically Transmitted Infections of the SCMIMC (Catalan Society of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology).
  • Committee for Germs of Special Relevance of VINCAT (Programfor the Vigilance of Hospital Acquired Infections).
  • CEGEC (Spanish Consortium for the Genetics of Celiac Disease).
  • GCC (Catalan Cytogenetics Group of the Official College of Biologists).
  • GEAI (Study group for Autoimmune Diseases of the Spanish Society of Immunology).
  • Consolidated research group for Celiac Disease of the ACCLC (Catalan Association for Clinical Laboratory Sciences).
  • Clinical Laboratory Management section of the ACCLC.
  • Prenatal Aneuploidy Screening section of the ACCLC.
  • Oncology Biochemistry section of the ACCLC.
  • Vocal Clinical Analysis of the College of Pharmacists of Barcelona.
  • Catalan Group of Oncohematological Diagnosis by Flow Cytometry (Hospital Clínic de Barcelona)

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