As an essential requirement for guaranteeing the quality of the analytic process, all the areas of Catlab participate in cross-comparison programs with other laboratories, both domestic and international.

Catlab makes use of a propietary Incident Program (PIC)
  • External Monitoring by the FPCQLC (Fundació del Programa pel Control de Qualitat dels Laboratoris Clínics) (Foundation of the Program for Quality Control in Clinical Laboratories) for the Guarantee of Preanalytic Quality.
  • Preanalytic external monitoring QT3 Laboratory Specimen Acceptability of the CAP (College of American Pathologists)
  • External monitoring by the FPCQLC of Serum Biochemistry, Urine Biochemistry, Tumor Markers, Hormones, Proteins, Drugs of abuse, and cardiac indicators.
  • External monitoring EQAS by Bio-Rad of Immunoassay 2, Immunoassay 3 and Clinical Chemistry.
  • Control extern de UK-NEQAS Autoimmunitat.
  • Control extern Labquality.
  • External monitoring of Quality for Semen Analysis organized by Ceifer and the scientific societies AEBM (Asociación Española de Biopatología Médica) and AEFA (Asociación Española de Farmacéuticos Analistas).
  • External monitoring by the FPCQLC of General Hematology, Coagulation, VSG, ATIII, Frotis, Resistance to the Activated C Protein, Factor VIII, manual and automatic Reticulocytes, Hemoglobins A2 and F, HbA1c.
  • External monitoring by the SETS (Sociedad Española de Transfusión Sanguínea) for Immunohematology.
  • External monitoring by the FPCQLC of Proteins and monoclonal Components.
  • External Monitoring Immunology Control by Bio-Rad of Proteins.
  • External Monitoring by UKNEQAS for Prenatal Screening, Autoimmunity and Allergy.
  • External monitoring by the SEIMC (Spanish Society of infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology) of Bacteriology, Serology, Mycology, Mycobacteriology, HIV and Molecular Microbiology.
  • External monitoring by the FPCQLC of Bacteriology and Serology.
  • External monitoring of Sensitivity to M.tuberculosis of the area of Mycobacteria managed by the Microbiology Service of the Vall d’Hebró Hospital.
  • Quality Control of SIC (Iberian Society of Cytometry) for Immunophenotyping of Leukemias and Lymphomas and Minimal Residual Disease.
  • Intercomparison program of GECLID for Antigen HLA-B27 .
  • Intercomparison program of GECLID for Lymphocyte subpopulations. (Lymphocyte T, B and NK with a single platform).
  • External monitoring by UKNEQAS for CD34+ (Stem Cell in single platform for self-transplant).
  • Quality program Euroflow for configuration performance of FACS Canto II, preparation and analysis of samples by LST (Lymphocite Screening Tube).
  • Control extern de la CEQA (Cytogenetic European Quality Assessment) per a Cariotip en sang perifèrica, líquid amniòtic, vellositat corial, malalties mieloides i leucemies agudes.
  • Control extern SEHH (Societat Española de Hematología y Hemoterapia)per JAK-2 (V617F) i FISH.
  • Control extern UKNEQAS per quantificació de BCR-ABL.
Catlab is a Reference Center in the study of HIV
Molecular Biology
  • External monitoring by the SEIMC for HIV-1 viral load, viral load and genotyping of VHC, and Viral load VHB.
  • External monitoring by RFB (Referenzinstitut für Bioanalytik) for Genotype ApoE, Genotype Factor V (Leiden) / Genotype Factor II, and the genetic investigation of Hemochromatosis.
  • External monitoring by QCMD (Quality Control for Molecular Diagnostics / HIV Drug Resistance) for Resistance in HIV-1.
  • Control extern GECLID per l'estudi genètic dels al.les de susceptibilitat de la malaltia celíaca (DQ2/DQ8).
  • Control extern QCMD per genotipat de la Hepatitis B.
Urgent Testing
  • External monitoring by FPCQLC for Hematology and Coagulation, Biochemistry serum and urine, Blood Gasses, Drugs of Abuse, Tumor Markers, Hormones, Proteins and serum index.
  • External monitoring by RIQAS from Randox for Cardiac Markers, Immunoassay speciality 1, Líquido Cefaloraquideo
  • External monitoring by SETS(Sociedad Española de Transfusión Sanguínea) from Biorad for ImmunoHematology