Catlab, with a Quality Management System, assures that the personnel involved in its activities receive Continuing Training.

To maintain and improve the efficiency of the System´s processes, it is essential that the personnel maintain and improve their level of expertise, and this is accomplished by means of continuing training. This training might be internal (sessions, meetings, practice sessions organized by Catlab) or external, such as attending courses, seminars, training days, and congresses.

Catlab, as part of its responsibilities for blood extraction, manipulation and sample management, plans and presents training sessions in the Extraction Centers. Periodically, the faculty of Catlab participate in clinical sessions in the Primary Care Centers and Hospitals. These are monographic sessions related with the Laboratory´s work and of interest to the clinics.


As stated in its Quality Policy, Catlab recognizes the importance of the integration of the knowledge of its professionals into clinical practice, acting as experts in the guidance and evaluation of diagnostic testingin their areas of expertise, and consequently participate in the training of the professional staff and technical personnel.

  • Catlab participates in the training program for Residents specializing in Clinical Analysis.
  • Catlab has collaboration agreements with different schools to provide the practical aspects of the training of Laboratory Technicians (Laboratory Technician: Superior in Clinical Diagnostics).
  • The areas of Genetics and Microbiology have an agreement with the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in the degree programs in Biochemistry and Biology, for the tutoring of students in the practical phase of studies