Catlab, first spanish laboratory accredited by SARS-COV-2

Publication Date : 04/11/2020

Catlab is the first accredited laboratory in Spain for the PCR analysis of SARS-CoV-2.

ENAC (Entidad Nacional de Acreditación) has issued a release on the accreditation of the real-time PCR test for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 by Catlab. It is the first laboratory that can issue reports with the ENAC mark for this test in Spain. For years... [+]

Interview with the Director of Catlab about the Coronavirus

Publication Date: 29/06/2020

Interview with the Director of Catlab about the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of laboratories, the need to control outbreaks through PCRs and immunization studies.

In this article from, Catlab director Imma Caballé explains the experience of our Laboratory in carrying out PCR tests at the start of the pandemic, the results of the immunity studies, and the prospects for ... [+]

SARS-CoV-2 PCR in Catlab

Publication Date : 18/06/2020

Catlab has been very involved in responding to the COVID19 pandemic

From early March, Catlab began to detect SARS-CoV-2, first using the PCR technique, and later with serologies.
These videos briefly explain how these techniques are performed and Catlab's involvement in detecting and monitoring COVID19 disease.

- Covid19 i Catla... [+]

The Catlab Serology Responsible talks about the usefulness of COVID19 serological tests

Publication Date : 24/04/2020

Antibody tests are still unreliable in making decisions about confinement

In this article from ARA, Catlab microbiologist Emma Padilla talks about the usefulness of current serological tests; of rapid tests and their reliability, and the strategies to estimate seroprevalen... [+]

Catlab,one of the Laboratories that perform the COVID19 PCR of the nursing homes

Publication Date : 17/04/2020

Catlab has begun to carry out the PCR of COVID19 on samples from nursing homes.

This week we have begun to collect samples to perform the COVID19 PCR from nursing homes. Different media echo the help that Open Arms volunteers will provide in the Regió Metropolitana Nord de l’ICS. Among other tasks, they will help to collect the samples and send them to Catlab.
- [+]

Coronavirus and Catlab

Publication Date : 15/04/2020

PCR is performed to detect SARS CoV2 (COVID-19) in Catlab.

From the beginning of March, in Catlab, at the Viladecavalls Central Laboratory facilities, SARS CoV2 Detection (COVID-19) was launched. It is performed using the PCR technique, and the work shifts were extended to be able to assume all the samples that were received. On April 15, it is working 24 hours a day, and more... [+]

Josep Rull visits Catlab

Publication date : 11/03/2020

<strong>Josep Rull visits Catlab</strong>

On March 10, Josep Rull visited Catlab.

Ex-conseller Josep Rull, who has recently joined MutuaTerrassa's legal advice, visited the facilities of our Laboratory in Viladecavalls.... [+]

Article on risk management in the Clinical Laboratory

Publication date : 11/03/2020

Catlab has participated in a study on the design and implementation of risk management in the Laboratory.

This article shows the results of this study and how most of the risks are in preanalytical processes. Identifying the risks and assessing them allows establishing improvement actions that contribute to increasing patient safety. We attach the article.... [+]

Catlab, the first accredited Laboratory for the study of LIEs in celiac disease

Publication Date : 23/10/2019

Catlab has been the first accredited laboratory in the state to study LIEs in celiac disease.

Catlab has been accredited last September by ENAC by the UNE-EN ISO 15189 Standard, for the study of LIEs by Flow Cytometry, for duodenal biopsy samples obtained by endoscopy. It is a rapid and non-invasive test that contributes to the diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of celiac disease. Here are different links of h... [+]

Conference of strategic alliances at the UCH

Publication Date : 17/09/2019

<strong>Conference of strategic alliances at the UCH</strong>

Catlab, a consolidated Laboratory model in the Conference of Strategic Alliances

On the 15th, a conference on Strategic Alliances was held at the Catalan Union of Hospitals (UCH), where the director of Catlab, Dr. Imma Caballé explained the Catlab model. After explaining the origins of Catlab, the operation and organization of the laboratory was described.... [+]