The management of Catlab assumes the responsibility for establishing and maintaining a System of Quality Management in conformance with international reference standards (UNE-EN ISO 15189)

The Management of the Laboratory has committed to pushing for the constant improvement of quality and to facilitate this by providing the resources, information, motivation, and practical training necessary for the successful execution of this improvement.
The Management of the Laboratory understands that the ultimate objective of the quality program is the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of their clients, and that this is the joint responsibility of all the components of the laboratory.


Catlab is accredited according to the Standard UNE-EN ISO 15189:2013 in Pre-analytics and more than 1200 magnitudes from different Analytical Areas.


In line with its committment to quality, Catlab participates in Laboratory Cross-Comparison programs both domestic and international.


The professionals of Catlab are actively involved in and integrated into Hospital Commissions and scientific society committees.


Catlab promotes the Continuing Education of its personnel by means of an Annual Education Plan, and participates in the training of Medical Residents and Laboratory technicians.

Scientific Production

The professionals of Catlab participate in congresses and seminars, presenting reports and articles in the scientific forums of their areas of expertise.


Catlab participates and collaborates in research projects, clinical trials, and multicenter studies together with clinical services, laboratories and related businesses.