Work Areas

Work Areas

Catlab´s central laboratory is organized in different areas, the majority of which are found in a large open space called the "CoreLab", and which share and optimize the use of the existing technology of the laboratory

The areas in which Catlab is organized are the following: Extra Analytic, Biochemistry, Hematology and Hemostasis, Immunology, Microbiology and Serology, Cytometry, Cytogenetics and Molecular Biology. 
Each of these areas has a Doctor in charge. The work is an integrated process , in that at any moment the samples can be tracked: from the arrival of the sample and its registration in the informatic system, to reception, pre-analytic processing, analysis, cross-check, and filing, to the final electronic delivery of the results


The Extra-Analytic area consists of Client Services, Administration, Receipt of samples, and Extra-Analytic Quality Control

Biochemistry and Immunology

The Biochemistry and Immunology section of Catlab includes analytical equipment with a high degree of automation and a high level of technology.

Hematology and Hemostasis

This section makes use of a hemotologic routine which is highly automated (chain of transport, sample distributor, digital-Cellavision® microscope) which allows for the optimization of samples and guarantees traceability of results.


The Microbiology section of Catlab is shared between the Central Laboratory in Viladecavalls and the 3 Hospital Laboratories, where urgent samples and those from admitted patients are processed.


The Cytometry section of Catlab provides services to different medical specialties, principally to hemotology, anatomical pathology, gastroenterology, internal medicine, rheumatology, ophthamology, and pediatrics.


We have professionals trained in the fields of molecular genetics and cytogenetics, and its application both in the detection of constitutional and acquired alterations, so we can provide a cross-sectional service, useful for any medical specialty. We offer counseling for the diagnosis of rare genetic diseases.

Hospital Laboratories

Catlab has at its disposal three Hospital Laboratories that work 24 hours a day/365 days per year. All these Laboratories work online, and have access to the same analyzers and work procedures.

Information Systems

Catlab is organized in physically separate laboratories interconnected by an information system, and integrated as well with different external information systems.