The immunophenotype by flow cytometry has become in the last few years an indispensable tool in the diagnosis and followup of oncohematologic illnesses. It also plays an important role in immune, cancerous, and infectious diseases.

The classification of tumors by the World Health Organization (WHO) proposes a multiparametric approximation of the diagnoses of these maladies, integrating clinical data, morphology, phenotypes and genotypic characteristics of each entity, within which is included the immunophenotypic study by flow cytometry.

At Catlab, the area of cytometry provides services to different medical specialties, principally hemotology, pathologic anatomy, gastroenterology, internal medicine, rheumatology, ophthamology, and pediatrics.

We work with different sample types:
peripheral blood, bone marrow, tissue, adenopathies, needle biopsies, and biological fluids.

Flow cytometry is a highly precise cellular analysis technique specific for the separation, classification, and quantification of cells in suspension. It is based on the use of laser light which intercepts the cells that pass through the flow cytometry chamber. The cells are classified by their size, complexity, and by the multiple markers included in the analysis, normally in the form of antibodies specifically marked with different fluorochromes.This allows for the simultaneous realization of a multiparametric analysis evaluating the presence of these markers, in the form of relative percentages, and in some cases in absolute values, for each specific cellular type.

Oncohematologic Diagnosis
  • Screening for Chronic Lymphoproliferation Syndrome.
  • Chronic Lymphoproliferation B (SLPC-B) Syndrome: LLC, LNH Follicular, Mantell´s, Tricoleukemia,...
  • Chronic Lymphoproliferation Syndrome T/NK: LGL, LLC-T, Sézary, ..
  • Quantification of the Protein ZAP-70 as a predictive factor in LLC-B.
  • Immunophenotype of Acute Leukemia: LAM, LAL-B, LAL-T,...
  • Immunophenotype of plasma cells: MM, MGUS, Plasma cell Leukemia.
  • Quantification of Hematopoietic Progenitors “Stem Cells CD34+” with a single platform (expressed in percentages and in absolute values) in samples of peripheral blood (pre-apheresis)for the autologous transplant of peripheral blood (TASP).
  • Immunophenotype of bone marrow in Myelodisplasic and Myeloproliferative Syndromes
Immunologic Diagnosis
  • Quantification of Lymphocyte subpopulations T, B and NK with a single platform (percentage and absolute values).
  • LymphocyteT subpopulations in HIV.
  • Lymphocyte subpopulations in BAL.
  • Determination of the Antigen HLA-B27 (Associated with Andylosing Spondylitis and other rheumatologic diseases).
  • Immunophenotype of Duodenal Intraepithelial Lymphocytes to discount refractive celiac disease.