Catlab Reports Bulletin

The Catlab Reports Bulletin is published monthly. Until the publication of the Catlab website, it was mailed electronically to our clients. It consists of a monograph related with laboratory topics. Each month it addresses a different area of Catlab; the topics can be more specific (concrete diagnostic techniques) or deal with more generic aspects (Quality, Management, …).

Bulletin Nº15 - March 2011

HORMONES – Review and followup of the initial study of the Thyroid Function in the protocols of Primary Care. The initial protocol was: TSH* (T4L*, T3* and thyroid antibody levels). Until now, if TSH was below 0.29 μU/mL or above 6 μU/mL, T4L was generated. If T4L was normal (8.8 pmol/L -20.1 pmol/L) and TSH was above 6 μU/mL ,T3 and thyroid antibody levels were generated

Bulletin Nº14 - February 2011

MOLECULAR BIOLOGY –Phenotype and Genotype of HLA-B27 The presence of the antigen HLA-B27 has been closely associated for more than 30 years with Ankylosing Spondylitis.

Bulletin Nº13 - January 2011

MICROBIOLOGY – Determination of viral producers of gastroenteritis during 2010
The type of sample studiedwas stool, and the total number of samples studied was 2,195. Of these, 10 % tested positive for Rotavirus.

Bulletin Nº12 - December 2010

CYTOGENETIC - Y chromosome microdeletions
Infertility is a problem that affects 10-20% of couples. In some cases, the cause is microdeletions in the distal portion of chromosome Y.

Bulletin Nº11 - November 2010

It is a generic set of substances of similar chemical structure name. Among other functions, plays an important role in the intestinal absorption of calcium and bone metabolism

Bulletin Nº 10 - October 2010

Cytogenetics - Quantification of BCR-ABL reorganitation
There are some recurring cytogenetic abnormalities hematologic malignant diseases, and the first to be described was the translocation t (9; 22) (q34, q11

Bulletin Nº 9 - September 2010

BIOCHEMISTRY-Free Testosterone and bioavailable testosterone
Many working groups proposed as clinically more useful, the utilitzación of free testosterone and bioavailable testosterone, based on calculations Vermeulen

Bulletin Nº 7 - July 2010

IMMUNOLOGY - Request proteinograms and diagnostic utility
At present, the main and almost unique application of protein electrophoresis study is monoclonal gammopathies them being essential to detect oligo or monoclonal immunoglobulins increases

Bulletin Nº6 - June 2010

MICROBIOLOGY - Fecal parasites
From Catlab we has made ​​a study of the determination of fecal parasites in 2009.This year a total of 23126 determinations of fecal parasites, of which 1850 (8%) were positive

Bulletin Nº5 - Mai 2010

QUALITY - Work algorithms in Catlab
From Catlab are working on finding mechanisms and criteria agreed with our clients to help physicians in their diagnosis and followed patients, while streamlining the analytical demand.