Catlab Reports Bulletin

The Catlab Reports Bulletin is published monthly. Until the publication of the Catlab website, it was mailed electronically to our clients. It consists of a monograph related with laboratory topics. Each month it addresses a different area of Catlab; the topics can be more specific (concrete diagnostic techniques) or deal with more generic aspects (Quality, Management, …).

Bulletin Nº26 - March 2012

QUALITY – Publication of the Catlab Website 
As of April, the new Catlab Website will be available on the Internet. On it can be found our catalogue of tests, information about our business and the different areas of the Laboratory, the quality processes implemented, and the services that we offer.

Bulletin Nº25 - February 2012

IMMUNOLOGY–Tests incorporated in Catlab for the diagnosis of DM type 1. 
Diabetis Mellitus (DM) type 1 is a chronic autoimmune disease. In a secondary immune response, antibodies ICA, anti-GAD, anti-IA2 and anti IAA are generated.

Bulletin Nº24 - January 2012

QUALITY – Evaluation of Catlab Objectives 2011
According to Standard UNE ISO 9001:2008, all certified entities must, each year, propose and achieve quality objectives. This document summarizes the objectives set by Catlab for 2011 and the results.

Bulletin Nº23 - December 2011

HEMATOLOGY – Orientation in the study of Microcytosis
According to the WHO, concentrations of Hb < 12 mg/dL in women and < 13 mg/dL in men, is considered anemia, and Microcytosis if the VCM is lower than 80 fL. What do these figures mean in the day-to-day life of the Laboratory?

Bulletin Nº22 - November 2011

MICROBIOLOGY – Diagnosis of toxigenic Clostridium difficile 
Toxigenic Clostridium difficile is the principal etiologic agent in hospital acquired diarrhea. Its occurence has grown significantly in the last few years, and more virulent strains, such as ribotype 027, have been described as causing hospital acquired outbreaks in the USA and Europe. Thus, the diagnosis must be rapid and reliable.

Bulletin Nº20 - September 2011

URGENT CARE–Ultrasensitive Troponine T 
The TnT of the cardiac musculature is clearly different from the TnT of the skeletal musculature, and its high tissue specificity makes it a very sensitive cardiospecific marker for myocardial damage.

Bulletin Nº19 - July 2011

CYTOMETRY – Determination of ZAP-70
Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia (LLC) is the most frequent leukemia in the western adult population. The median survival rate is 10 yearsand the young have a higher risk of mortality due to the disease. For this reason, the evaluation of predictive factors and treatments that permit good quality, long-term remissions is highly important.

Bulletin Nº18 - June 2011

QUALITY – Scientific activities of the professionals of Catlab 2011
Review of Publications, Posters, Papers of the professionals of Catlab completed and anticipated for 2011.

Bulletin Nº17 - May 2011

MANAGEMENT – Measures to rationalize analytic demand
The Management of Catlab, in the context of the current economic crisis, has asked the persons in charge of the different areas to bring to bear improved actions to rationalize demand

Bulletin Nº16 - April 2011

QUALITY–From Certification to Accreditation
Since its creation, Catlab has committed to implementing a quality management system based on international standards,and so the Laboratory was certified according to Standard UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008. Accreditation, however, is a standard that better reflects the particulars of the sector, and that recognizes technical competence.