Catlab project selected for La Marató de TV3

Publication date :26/10/2018
<strong>Catlab project selected for La Marató de TV3</strong>
The project, headed by the Microbiology area of Catlab, has been selected to be financed by FUNDACIÓ LA MARATÓ DE TV3.

The project "Impact of the early detection of resistance to antimicrobials in the reduction of inadequate treatments in bacteremia caused by enterobacteria", is a multidisciplinary and coordinated project involving the areas of microbiology of Catlab, infectious diseases and hospital pharmacy of Hospital Universitari Mútua de Terrassa, Consorci Sanitari de Terrassa (Hospital de Terrassa) and Hospital Sant Joan de Deu de Martorell, with the objective of monitoring and optimizing the number of empirical treatments, reducing the response time of the results of identification and sensitivity of the bacteremia by Enterobacteria.