Catlab Reports Bulletin

The Catlab Reports Bulletin is published monthly. Until the publication of the Catlab website, it was mailed electronically to our clients. It consists of a monograph related with laboratory topics. Each month it addresses a different area of Catlab; the topics can be more specific (concrete diagnostic techniques) or deal with more generic aspects (Quality, Management, …).

Bulletin Nº44 - November 2013

HORMONES - TSH reference values ​​during pregnancy
Pregnancy involves a series of physiological and hormonal changes that alter the function of the thyroid gland. In order to facilitate the monitoring of thyroid function, and contribute to improving the detection of subclinical hypothyroidism in pregnant women, we have incorporated the TSH reference values ​​recommended by scientific societies in the analytical reports of Catlab.

Bulletin Nº43 - October 2013

URGENT CARE - Monitoring of drug concentration in serum
The monitoring of drug therapy is an important chapter of clinical biochemistry. Only through proper monitoring can be maintained and adjusted the administration of a drug with maximum efficiency.

Bulletin Nº42 - September 2013

QUALITY - Current state of UNE-ISO 15189 Accreditation in Catlab
Since 2012 Catlab is accredited for automated Biochemistry, sample collection and sample management. This 2013 is intended to accredit more than 88% of Catlab's activity.

Bulletin Nº41 - July 2013

SEROLOGY - Change of method in serology area
In order to optimize the response time and improve the sensitivity and specificity, we incorporate chemiluminescence technology(QL)instead of some ELISA serology tests.

Bulletin Nº40 - June 2013

IMMUNOLOGY - New in Prenatal Biochemical Screening
To provide information as soon as possible to the gynecologist or midwife, Catlab together with the calculation program provider has developed an application, that allows to enter ecographies data directly into the program and get the IR and inform the pregnant while she is still in the medical office.

Bulletin Nº39 - May 2013

EXTRA-ANALYTIC - Computerization process of the pre-analytical area
The computerization process of the pre-analytical area as the temperature control in the sample transport or time of arrival of the samples allowed us to have quality indicators (UNE-EN ISO 15189) to achieve a continuous improvement in one of the laboratory areas with less standardization.

Bulletin Nº38 - April 2013

MICROBIOLOGY - Collection of samples for the study of superficial mycosis
The diagnosis of superficial mycosis analyzed samples of skin, hair and nails. In all three cases, the area where the sample was collected previously cleaned with 70% alcohol, to remove bacterial flora exudates and excipients medication that may interfere with the search for fungi.

Bulletin Nº37 - March 2013

The presence of red blood cells in urine can be a primary sign of kidney disease, so that the determination by the laboratory of a simple and rapid test, may be useful in reducing the response time and save others unnecessary tests for patients (cystoscopy, image tests ..)

Bulletin Nº36 - February 2013

CYTOGENETICS - Document of informed consent for genetic testing
For testing oriented genetic diagnosis, is necessary and required that patients know the implications of these tests before implementation, and the best guarantee that this process will be appropriate is the informed consent document.

Bulletin Nº35 - January 2013

CITOMETRY - Digital Citometry in Clinics
Digital cytometry allows us a quick study of the interactions between different cell populations suspended in a minimal amount of sample.