Urine automated chain in Catlab

Publication Date : 21/01/2017

The first automated chain of urine samples of the state has been launched in Catlab Central Laboratori.

During June 2016 we began the start-up in the Central Laboratory of Viladecavalls of an automated chain of urine. It is composed by a P512 sample distributor connected to the Computer System, that separates the urine samples according to the requested tests(urine strip, culture, biochemistry, drugs, ...). The P512 is ... [+]

The Health Minister Comín visits Catlab

Publication date : 21/10/2016

<strong>The Health Minister Comín visits Catlab</strong>

On October 14, the "Health Minister" visited Catlab.

The "Conseller" Antoni Comín, as part of a visit to the "Parc Logístic de Salut", visited the facilities of our laboratory in Viladecavalls.... [+]

How to improve your english presentations

Publication date : 01/10/2016

<strong>How to improve your english presentations</strong>

On September 14 and 15, the course "How to improve your english presentations" was held at the Catlab facilities.

The course, organized by Fundació Esteve, is taught by native teachers related to the biosanitary field, and to communication and theater. Different Catlab professionals attended the course.... [+]

Catlab model in "Diari de Girona"

Publication date : 12/05/2016

Catlab appears in the "Diari de Girona" in an article about the removal of Trueta Clinical Laboratory.

Last May 2 was published in the "Diari de Girona" an article on the removal of Clinical Laboratory from the Trueta Hospital to Parc Hospitalari de Salt. It is explained that this model; centralizing primary samples in a large external laboratory, and leaving an Emergency Laboratory at the same hospital, already was su... [+]

Catlab participates in the XII ACCLC Congress

Publication date: 12/05/2016

<strong>Catlab participates in the XII ACCLC Congress</strong>

The "XII Congrés Català de Ciències del Laboratori Clínic", organized by the ACCLC was held in Sitges on 3rd,4th and 5th March. Catlab participated with the presentation "Role of Clinical Laboratory in diagnosis of blood oncology diseases".

The presentation involved the responsibles of the areas of Hematology, Cytogenetics and Cytometry from Catlab. They emphasized the importance of integrated and multidisciplinary diagnosis by the Laboratory in this diseases and the objective to ensure patient safety and getting therapies better targeted.... [+]

Catlab in "La Vanguardia"

Publication date : 21/12/2015

Interview with Dra.Caballé, director of Catlab in "La Vanguardia"

Last December 20 was published in "La Vanguardia" an interview with the director of Catlab, where our clinical laboratory stood out as the most accredited in ISO 15189. "Clinical Laboratory quality is a key factor for diagnosis." We attach the entire interview.... [+]

Meeting of the working group POSEIDON Project in Catlab

Publication Date : 09/12/2015

<strong>Meeting of the working group POSEIDON Project in Catlab</strong>

The 3rd and December 4th was held in the facilities of Catlab, the second technical meeting of "Poseidon" project.

Catlab representatives and other companies in the project, shared the work done in recent months. You will find information on our website, in the section: quality/research, and also on the project website.... [+]

Dra. Caballe interviewed on "Listín Diario"

Publication date : 04/12/2015

"The future of the laboratories also runs through nanotechnology or Lab on a chip"

This December, Dr. Caballe, Catlab Director, has been interviewed on "Listin Diario". The importance of quality in clinical analysis and the future of the Laboratories, have been some of the subjects covered in the interview. You can see all [+]

Technological renovation in Catlab

Publication Date: 04/10/2015

During 2015, following the agreement with Roche, it has continued the technological renovation of Catlab replacing analyzers from Core-Lab Central Laboratory of Viladecavalls.

In the cooperation agreement between CATLAB and ROCHE, this year 2015 has continued the technological renewal of Core-Lab Laboratory Central of Viladecavalls and Hospital Laboratories, replacing analyzers from Hematology and Automated Biochemistry areas. In 2016, is planned the renewing of the preanalytical chain in ... [+]

... [+]